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In designing our new website, I decided to include a Blog for the first time so I could post any relevant news, announcements about new services, or just comments and thoughts in general. 

It's meant to be a bit of fun for me and anyone that might decide to read it.

Mildura Internet is now AusClicks | Mildura

Please be advised that from June 1, 2010, Michael Quinn will be changing his primary trading name from Mildura Internet to AusClicks.

Nothing changes for current customers. Website updates are still available, hosting continues, domain services continue.

AusClicks reflects my new focus on Search Engine Optimisation and managing Google AdWords campaigns, and away from offering Website Design services professionally.

I may do the occasional website, but it will more likely be built to a standard…

New SEO packages and site refresh

NB: October 2009...

As part of the 2009-2010 site and product upgrade many of our old services are no longer available. So most of the links on this post no longer worked, so the referring content has been removed...


Finally the website itself got a little makeover with some new graphics and a cleaner look.  We have started a Twitter feed at which can be found on our Blog pages.  We are just waiting on an upgrade to our publishing software to get a sexier Twitter…

New servers for hosting - new DNS settings

Just a quick note to mention we are updating our servers to a new company.

At the moment we have some old servers that are getting old enough to go to school.  They have served us well for the past 5 years but unfortunately computers, and especially hard disks, don't last forever.  Something I've personally had the misfortune to be reminded of twice in the last few months.

The company that has "maintained" our old servers is unfortunately not the same company we began dealing with 5 years…

Which broken Backup would you like to restore?

I've always been someone who understood the value of a good backup, but never really went the whole crazy obsession with backing up every five minutes.

Most of the time I will backup my main files every few months to CD / DVD.  I have a great collection of vaguely titled discs sitting in a pile, while some have even made it to a disc folder I purchased especially for the job.

For several months I ran the Backup program you can use as part of being a .mac subscriber.  Great program.  Very easy…

New Mildura Internet website complete in time for 4th Birthday

Well I am happy to say that our new website is finally complete - and just in time for our 4th Birthday of operations in Mildura.

Even though I published the new site about 10 weeks ago, it still had lot of areas that needed to be completed or updated.  But at the time we needed the new information online for some customers so I decided to publish what was done.

Since then I have been putting some finishing touches to some areas - and completely revamping others.  Google Maps and Local Search

Hello World - Mildura Internet Website #4

Welcome to our shiny new website.  Our 4th redesign in as many years since we moved to Mildura in 2003.

Truth be told I wasn't a big fan of the last site almost the day after it was published and I was glad to start working on this one a few months ago.  Hopefully this one will be the basis of our services for many years to come - but I'm sure I've thought that before as well...

I wanted to do a new website to feature the new Search Engine Optimisation services we will be formally offering…

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