Website Hosting

Mildura Internet Website Hosting - Limited Availability:

  • We offer Website Hosting to our own design clients if needed.
  • Currently we are limiting new clients to preserve our high quality levels.
  • Servers are hosted and monitored 24/7 by AcuNett.

What Is Website Hosting?

  • Hosting puts your website online so internet users can see it.
  • Hosting usually involves a Monthly or Annual charge - like rent or rates.
  • Hosting storage includes your email storage as well.

Mildura Internet Budget Hosting Package - $120 / 12 months:

  • 200 MB storage space for website and emails
  • 5000 MB monthly bandwidth traffic
  • 5x POP3 email accounts
  • Maximum 150 emails sent per hour per domain
  • CPanel access
  • PHP / CGI
  • 1x MySQL database
  • FrontPage Extensions (if required)

SAVE $$$ on Budget Hosting - $200 / 24 Months (paid upfront)

Website Hosting Addons:

Budget Hosting with 500 MB storage $50 per year
Budget Hosting with 1GB monthly traffic $50 per year
Extra 5x POP3 email accounts $25 per year
Fantastico Deluxe install service $25 per year
Subdomain $25 setup
Extra MySQL database $25 setup
Other hosting options - please ask

Mildura Internet Website Hosting Terms And Conditions:

  • Websites breaching Terms & Conditions may be suspended immediately.
  • The owner will then be contacted to correct the offense.
  • Websites are also subject to the T&C of our hosting partners, Acunett.

Domains are restricted to sending 150 emails per hour

The Following Types Of Content And Traffic Are NOT Allowed*:

  • Child Pornography
  • Bestiality
  • Warez / Crackz / Illegal Software
  • Spam / Email Collectors
  • Illegal MP3 / DVD / Video / other Copyrighted materials
  • Defamatory material
  • Material of a racist / Hate Crime nature
  • Material designed to incite violence or negative actions
  • Ebay (or similar) storefronts & hosted marketing collateral
  • Any site that may degrade the quality of service for other sites hosted by us

*This list if not exclusive and may be added to at any time.

Hosted Content:

  • Content hosted on our servers is the responsibility of the owner of the domain.
  • Mildura Internet makes no claim over the content you create, collect or otherwise have as part of your website.
  • Sites will be monitored periodically and any offending sites will be suspended and the owners then contacted. Failure to respond or comply within 72 hours may result in the site and conent being deleted completely with no refund being owing.

Backups And Server Up Time:

  • Mildura Internet takes no responsibility for backing up your website or data for you. You should keep a copy of your website and important data separate to it being hosted online.
  • While we try our best to keep our servers up at all times - unforeseen circumstances can occasionally cause downtime.
  • Mildura Internet can not take responsibility for any loss - personal or financial - due to server or hosting issues.
  • Servers are 100% Hosted & Monitored 24/7 by AcuNett, who have proven to be very reliable partners since using them in 2005. Issues have been absolutely minimal and problems are usually fixed within hours at most.
  • Typically problems are fixed before we even know there is a problem.
  • Expected "Uptime" is 99%

Terms and Payments:

  • Hosting Plans (and options) are based on a 12 or 24 month term and are non-refundable if your website is closed / moved before end of term.
  • A 45 day trial period applies: If you are unsatisfied with the performance of our hosting in the first 45 days you will receive a 100% refund.
  • Trial Periods and Refunds only available to new customers.
  • Invoices are typically issued in the first week of each month. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice.
  • Non-Payment may result in a website (and email) being suspended. Please pay on time to avoid this.
  • We try to give at least a months notice to upcoming Hosting and Domain renewals to give you plenty of time to decide to continue or cancel.
  • We offer a $40 saving on our 24 Month Budget Hosting Plans when paid for in advance. This is primarily to help reduce billing - and is a great option when timed to coincide with your 24 Month .au Domain bill.

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